Information on the use and areas of application of the orgone emitter

An orgone emitter is a device that works without energy and is always ready for use. However, if the connection cable is not plugged in, it does not emit very strong radiation. The larger the cup or plate, the stronger the radiation. For normal purposes, the large cup is sufficient.

The connection cable has a banana plug on both sides. One side has a red connector and the other side has a blue connector. This allows you to reduce the radiation intensity. The energy flow is strongest from the blue to the red plug. However, if you want to reduce the radiation intensity, you should simply turn the cable over.

Strengthen your own immune system

In naturopathy there is also a lot of emphasis on self-urine treatment . But honestly, who isn't disgusted by drinking this? Simply place a urine sample in the cup and irradiate the area to be treated without even having to take a sip.

It is best to use your morning urine for the treatment, as all the pollutants from night-time regeneration are present here and, for hygienic reasons, fill it in a sealed jar.

Place this glass in the cup and use it to irradiate your belly button. You will probably ask yourself why the belly button. This is because from here all energy fields are distributed to the body. Just think of an embryo thriving in the womb. Here it was the mother's only connection and source of energy.

The negative subtle vibrations of the morning urine are transformed into positive ones via the orgone radiator and distributed over the entire body, thus strengthening the immune system. This treatment option can be particularly important in times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this way, you can also make the medication for an illness yourself in a homeopathic way using the orgone emitter. Place the back of the cup on the area to be treated and point the tip of the spotlight at a glass of water. In this way, the negative vibrations of an illness are transferred positively to the water via the orgone radiator. Then place the glass with the water in the cup and use it to irradiate the area to be treated.

In this way, a faster recovery can be achieved. If you have a cold, the handkerchief can be placed in the cup and the patient's sinuses can be irradiated.

Homeopathic medicine

Homeopathic medicine works much like a vinyl record or CD. Information (vibrations) cause an effect. Globules are used as a carrier material, which usually only consist of sucrose (table sugar), or a liquid which, however, often contains alcohol due to its shelf life. This allows the vibrations of homeopathic medicine to be transmitted to the person via the orgone emitter. So there is no direct contact with the alcohol or sugar.

However, this method does not work with pharmaceutical medicine in combination with the orgone emitter.

The orgone emitter has also been used in cancer therapy or other serious illnesses. However, much more effort is required here. You can use the method described above, but the nighttime resting place must also be examined. See “ Geopathic sources of interference ”. In any case, if you have a serious illness, work with a doctor or alternative practitioner who will accompany the therapy.

Food can also be energized with the orgone radiator, or, for example, vibrations from gemstones can be transferred to other carrier materials.

However, the orgone emitter does not replace an unhealthy lifestyle! She should pay attention to a healthy lifestyle, then the orgone radiator can serve her well throughout her life. It is particularly important to pay attention to this, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic . For more information , watch the video from Dr. med. Ingfried Hobert on the 10 commandments in the Corona period .

Dr. med. Ingfried Hobert from Steinhuder Meer deals with alternative treatment options. Check out a post about the self-healing pyramid here . Check out an article here about holistic treatment methods and the body's healthy self-healing power.

However, this area also includes staying at night on a geopathic source of disturbance (water vein, faults, Hartmann grid, etc.). More about this under “ Geopathic sources of interference ”.

Autologous blood treatment is also possible. To do this, however, you should look for an experienced doctor or alternative practitioner in this field.

Last but not least...

You can do a lot more with an orgone emitter, the field is far from exhausted! Unfortunately, too few people use this method. In particular, it is often ignored by conventional medicine and the healthcare system, as there are complex, profit-oriented branches of etchings, health insurance companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers.