Own experiences

Orgone energy – own experiences

I would like to share with you a few experiences that I have had myself. Unfortunately, they are not completely understandable from a school scientific point of view.

Not only can the chakras as energy centers be influenced, but other parts of the body can also be treated. For example, put Arnica D12 in the cup and irradiate the painful area with the radiator, then joint inflammation or bruises can be treated specifically. I have had very good experiences here myself.

For example, I once had tendonitis. I regularly irradiated the painful area with the radiator and arnica. The pain got worse for a short period of time, but then got much better. After just 2 treatments in this way the pain was gone. The best thing is, that was in 2003 and I haven't had any problems with it since then. Before, I was in constant pain and almost always wore a leather bracelet. Even a visit to the doctor brought relief, but no other treatment has relieved my pain for such a long period of time.

I had the same experiences with my children. When they were running around outside, they sometimes hurt themselves. We irradiated the painful area with arnica. You felt a slight tingling sensation and then the pain disappeared within a very short time. But be careful here! If the pain does not go away after a short time, you should definitely consult a doctor. The radiator is no miracle either and cannot heal serious injuries, such as a fracture! The orgone radiator can support the healing process.

The system can also be used on animals. However, the therapy is much more strenuous here, as animals naturally move constantly and are less likely to sit still in front of the radiator. In this case, you can also use remote treatment. I also had good experiences here. A friend of mine had a dog that was very aggressive after his sibling dog died. Here I irradiated the dog with the Bach flower Beech via a photo. The dog became significantly calmer after just a few treatments. I also used the same method on a rooster in the chicken coop - with the same success.

If all medications do not work for an illness, you can also make your own medication using the orgone emitter. To do this, place the back of the cup on the affected area. In this way, the negative vibrations or the left-handed energies of an illness are transferred into the positive , right-handed energy . This can bring about a quick recovery. If you have a cold, for example, you can place a handkerchief in the cup and use it to irradiate the patient.

The orgone emitter has also been used successfully in cancer therapy.

In naturopathy there is a lot of talk about “own urine treatments”. But let's be honest: who isn't disgusted by drinking their own urine? With the orgone radiator this is no longer necessary. To do this, you simply place a urine sample in the cup and irradiate the patient with it without having to come into contact with the urine.
With this application you can also strengthen your own immune system, which is particularly important in today's COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the orgone emitter does not replace an unhealthy lifestyle . You should pay attention to a healthy lifestyle. Because then the orgone emitter can also provide good service - for a lifetime and especially in the current Corona period.

Here you can find an interview with Dr. med. Ingfried Hobert on YouTube. He talks about the body's healthy self-healing ability.
However, this also applies if you are on a geopolitical source of interference (especially at night). Do you wake up in the morning with back pain? Most often it is pushed onto the bed. Either they say you have a bad or old bed. Of course, that could also be the reason. In most cases, however, this is not the case at all. In most cases, you will then be close to a source of disturbance such as a water vein . Only a dowser can check whether you sleep on such a vein. 

But these springs are dangerous not only at night, but also during the day. For example, if you are near such a source of interference and stay there all day long. The orgone emitter can also help here. The spotlight is then specially equipped with an interference suppression cable , which makes it possible to reduce the effect of these sources of interference. You can also purchase this interference suppression cable in my shop.

Autologous blood treatment is also possible with the orgone emitter. For this you should first consult an experienced doctor or alternative practitioner.

You quickly notice: The therapy options with the orgone emitter are diverse and far from exhausted.