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Geopathic sources of disturbance

My experience with geopathic sources of interference and knowledge of geopathic sources of interference

As early as the 1920s, Gustav Freiherr von Pohl, as a dowser, suspected that geopathic interference fields could cause cancer. At that time he examined 54 deaths of cancer patients to see whether they slept on geopathic interference fields. He discovered that their beds are all on top of a particularly strong underground watercourse.

He did publish his findings in a book, but unfortunately it was rejected as charlatanism by modern conventional doctors and was therefore forgotten. But the problems remained, as you can imagine.

Since we moved house, I've always woken up in the morning with back pain. Radiation, cortisone treatment and several weeks sick every year I had to live with that.

We commissioned a dowser to find out where the source of the disturbance was. He tested the flow direction of the source of interference, as can be seen in the example sketch below.

However, there are several ways to switch off or redirect these sources of interference.

The best option is to try to move your bed so that the sources of interference are no longer possible. Here, however, a dowser must test exactly where the sources of interference are. But be careful: If some trees are felled nearby at some point, this can also change the path of the source of the disturbance.

But it wasn't possible for us to change the bed for structural reasons.

A dowser then placed a copper plate on a certain point and lo and behold, the problems disappeared, but not for us

For a long time, we had to regenerate this plate in the shower every few weeks. This record also had to be in a place that wasn't suitable for us.

Because we weren't very keen on this method, we looked for other options and then experimented with salt.

We then placed a container of salt right on top of the source of the disturbance. From the container, the radiation is divided into 2 lines in an arc, as can be seen in the sketch below. Like putting your finger under running water, the size of the arc is enough to clear a bed of these radiations.

But this principle also has disadvantages:

The salt container becomes full over time, so that after a certain time the arch becomes smaller and smaller until there is a line again. Then you have to replace the salt or store it in a neutral place so that it regenerates again.

If you bought the salt in a store where it was already stored on sources of interference, this system will not work, or you will first have to regenerate it in a neutral location.

The harmful radiation remains, it is just redirected. It can then happen that roommates in the adjoining rooms or on higher floors are exposed to this. Extreme caution is required with this method, especially in terraced and high-rise buildings.
Here too, if trees are felled nearby, the test needs to be retested.

The second best option after changing the bed is the orgone emitter with the interference suppression cable. This is plugged into the socket and the negative radiation is neutralized and not redirected. No measurements from a dowser are necessary. You definitely notice that there is an effect through better sleep, getting up in the morning without pain, etc.

A dowser will then no longer be able to measure the radiation, regardless of whether trees are felled nearby or not. The only maintenance work that is necessary is that you hold the container or plate together with the orgone emitter under running water for about 1 minute every few months, then it regenerates itself again.

Since then I haven't had any back pain.

You can use a dowsing rod or pendulum to measure when the radiator needs to be regenerated, you can make it a regular, fixed appointment, or the way we do it, when I wake up in the morning with back pain, it's time to use the radiator again to regenerate. If you cannot measure yourself, are not sure, or in connection with a serious illness, you should do it regularly, because not everyone reacts as sensitively as I do to these sources of interference. Diseases often develop in the background and by the time you notice it, it is often too late.

Even if a married couple remains childless despite wanting to have children, the reason is often due to an irritation zone under the house, see also the story about the stork below.

Babies and small children in particular react very sensitively to these sources of interference because the natural sensory system is still present. They cry a lot, absolutely do not want to go to bed, or lie in the other corner of the bed when they wake up, and then try to escape these sources of interference.

As a precaution, you should keep the orgone emitter installed at all times in order to reduce the risk of illness. With this system, the entire house in a single-family home is suppressed, depending on how the cables are laid. The vibrations that the orgone emitter emits are placed on the underground cable; it is not possible for the orgone emitter to operate at the voltage in an intact power grid Touch comes.

Before you use the interference suppression cable and the orgone radiator, you should definitely have your power network checked by an electrician, it is for your own safety.


What applies to humans also applies to the animal world, of course, but here the animals have to be divided into radiation seekers and radiation escapers.

Cats are among the radiation seekers. If your cat has its favorite place in your bed, you should definitely think about whether the bed is not contaminated by a source of interference. It's different with dogs, they're like people

Radiation escapees, this knowledge is also very important when keeping animals in agriculture. Cows, horses, sheep, goats, chickens and pigs are radiation escapers. If these animals cannot avoid a source of interference, illnesses or miscarriages occur more frequently or the animals become restless.

In the past, you let a few sheep run around a pasture and where they lay down you could build your house or set up your sleeping place with a clear conscience. But these days people no longer pay attention to this; they are obliged to comply with the municipality's building site regulations.

Ants are ray seekers when you first have to clear away an anthill in order to build a house there. Maybe that's just where the sleeping place is, then illness is already inevitable, because ants like to build on intersections.

The sentence “Swallows bring luck in the stable” is well known . There is some truth in it! Swallows (radiation escapees) never nest on a source of interference, and the expression storks bring happiness (children's blessing) also has a certain degree of truth, this is because storks (radiation escapers) would never nest on a source of interference (irritation zones).

What applies to animals also applies to the plant world. When trees grow crooked, they try to avoid a source of disturbance.

Tree with canker growth

Tree avoids water vein

The saying during a thunderstorm: “You should avoid the oaks, you should look for the beeches” is no coincidence. Here is the reason:

Oaks have deep roots and are radiation seekers and grow increasingly on water veins or are connected to a water vein, while during thunderstorms the lightning always tries to hit a water vein because of its conductivity. Beech trees are primarily shallow-rooted but also have some roots that go deeper (heart-rooted), but they are radiation evaders and avoid water veins, which is why greater protection is guaranteed under a beech tree in a thunderstorm than under an oak tree.

But of course that's not a guarantee. However, this principle only applies if the trees grew of their own free will. If they were planted by human hands, in most cases this principle has been disregarded.

A list of radiation seekers and radiation escapers can be found below.

List of radiation seekers and radiation escapers