Basics of orgone energy

Basics of orgone energy

Orgone energy is a universal life energy that occurs in free form everywhere in the atmosphere. All living and inanimate matter is charged with or radiates orgone energy. It was developed by Wilhelm Reich (1897 - 1957) who discovered the existence of this universal energy with his experiments in 1939 and also researched and described its basic properties. He called it orgone because it is present as a physical force both in the organism and in the atmosphere.

For most people, existence is a form of energy that cannot be measured directly and is difficult to accept and understand. However, that does not rule out their existence from the outset. Let us think, for example, of gravity, the nature and origin of which are completely unknown to our science, although we experience its effects on our world every day.

The properties of orgone energy are comparable to the energies of other cultures, which call it life force, vital energy, od, prana, chi, life energy or divine energy, etc. The most important functions of orgone energy form the basis of all important life processes - it is practically the basis of our existence.

With the orgone radiator you can influence this energy positively.
Wilhelm Reich developed techniques to amplify these energies or make them usable. First, complete cabins were built where the patients sat down and were then irradiated with this orgone energy. Later, smaller devices were developed, the so-called orgone emitters, which absorb this energy from the environment in order to deliver these in a targeted and reinforced manner in one direction.
You can also feel this energy. If you hold your hand in front of the tip of the spotlight, depending on the sensitivity of the viewer, it will be in the form of a light breeze, for some a cold breeze and for some a warm one.

The well-known electrical engineer Nikola Tesla was a pioneer at the time and was considered by many people to be the greatest inventor of all time. During his lifetime he discovered that everything in existence consists of energy and vibration. For this reason, a very interesting quote from him is becoming increasingly well known:

“If you want to understand the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” (Nikola Tesla)
Based on this knowledge, it is possible to practice distance healing with an orgone radiator, for example: treatments via photos, but more about this in the
“Own experiences” section.

If the body and blood are filled with this positive energy, it is a form of strength that can ward off any physical attack, i.e. illness.
Every living being is surrounded by a
subtle energy body , also called an aura, but in today's world the stress is becoming ever greater: stress, pressure to perform, hectic pace, increasing pollution of the earth, water and air, energetically inferior food.

By the way, you can also see the aura , but this requires some practice. This and much more often overwhelms not only the body, but also the subtle energy field of every living being.

Such an impaired subtle energy balance (lack of positive energy) and disruptions to the subtle vibration fields can result in diseases having free rein.
Geopathic disturbance zones also influence this energy field and can be affected

an orgone radiator can provide relief, but more on that elsewhere.

However, Western medicine denies the existence of subtle energy fields and their importance for physical health.

Every person has seven centers through which these energies are absorbed, the so-called chakra. With the orgone radiator you can bring these subtle energy fields back into harmony.

Now you can not only charge the chakras energetically with the orgone radiator, you can also transmit other subtle vibrations, for example gemstone vibrations , Bach flowers , homeopathic medicines . With these medications you can specifically influence the individual chakras and thereby restore health. In the food industry and agriculture, more and more production is being done in quantity and the energetic quality of the food is being neglected. With the orgone radiator you can supply subtle energies again.

The spotlight can also be used in plant areas. If the plants are irradiated with it or if external vibrations are also used, increased growth was noticed or the plant became more vital, became stronger and was thereby cured of diseases.